About me,well my name is Brian Rusk.I was morbidly obese on the verge of a heart attack at the age of 26. I was in a dark place a cloud of depression was around me it wasnt the easiest lifestyle living off fastfood and energy drinks took its toll on me. I finallly in 2013 took on the battle of fatloss and as you can see from my pictures I am winning it slowly but surely. Now I am a fully qualified and insured Personal Trainer,Fitness Instructor, TRX and Boxercise coach. I am also now qualified as an advanced sports and exercise nutritionist. I have  the personal experience of losing over seven stone through diet,cardio and strength training and understand the emotions around the whole fatloss journey.

I have featured on RTEs operation transformation for my  weightloss success. I have also attained a second place slot as a transformer of the month in a transformation contest with over five thousand particpants for bodypower uk.

So let me help you achieve your own fatloss success story.


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